Wave basin


Flanders Hydraulics Research uses the wave basin to test various approaches and extensions and choose the best solution for a specific port. Furthermore, we can perform wave studies for coastal safety. 3D scale models can be built in the wave tank to conduct the following research:

  • 3D stability of breakwaters and breakwater heads;wave tank
  • wave run-up and wave overtopping on (sea) dykes and quay walls;
  • wave intrusion in harbours;
  • water pressure and wave force on structures.

In 2016, Flanders Hydraulics Research took a major step forward in terms of realistic modelling of waves on scale models. We built a completely new wave tank in accordance with the current international standard including a multi-directional wave paddle. This allows us to generate both long-crested oblique waves and short-crested waves (from various directions at the same time). Simultaneously, active wave absorption is applied so that reflected waves in the wave tank are not reflected again by the wave paddle.

Dimensionsmulti-directional wave paddle

  • length: 23.20 m;
  • width: 17.90 m (wave paddle: 12.00 m);
  • height: 1.20 m;
  • wave height: max 0.25 m
New wave basin