Towing tank

Model tests are required to investigate the behaviour of vessels in confined waters. Flanders Hydraulics Research therefore built a ‘towing tank for manoeuvres in confined water ‘ in 1992- 1993 with cooperation from Ghent University.towing tank frontal

The ship model is attached to the towing carriage through force gauges. The towing carriage forces the ship to sail a specific trajectory which creates forces on the ship model. A mathematical model of the forces acting on the ship is developed.

The mathematical model is used to simulate the manoeuvring behaviour of the ship in the ship manoeuvring simulator.


Main dimensions

  • total lenght: 88.0 m

  • effective lenght: 67.0 m

  • width: 7.0 m


Captive manoeuvring tests (the ship model is forced to move in the horizontal plane)
Free-sailing manoeuvring tests
Captive sea keeping tests (waves)
Influence of ship-ship interaction
Manoeuvring in confined waters (including bank effects)