SIM 360+


Ship's bridge

  • navigation equipment for steering various types of vessels (seagoing, coastal shipping and Voith-Shneider tugboats);
  • automatic radar plot device (ARPA radar);
  • quadrophonic sound system;
  • VHF radio;
  • Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS);
  • possibility to connect Portable Pilot Unit.

Exterior visuals

buitenbeeld simulator
  • computer-generated perspective image of the surroundings projected on a cylindrical screen;
  • under projection, a surplus valua for quay and lock manoeuvres;
  • field of view: 360° horizontally and 35° vertically;
  • fog, mist, twilight and night vision.

Instructor's room

  • operator console to select, develop, staInstructeursruimtert and stop voyages;
  • operator console for 4 boatropes and 2 anchors;
  • control of target vessels;
  • set atmospheric conditions and the time of day;
  • opening and closing of bridges and lock gates;
  • operate traffic lights;

  • operating console for 4 tugboats (classic, Voith-Schneider, Z-Peller).

Mathematical manoeuvring model

  • calculation of hydrodynamic forces, shallow water effects, restricted water effects;
  • propulsion;
  • aerodynamic forces;
  • forces of pushing and pulling tugboats;
  • forces of cables and anchors;
  • contact forces and interaction with encountering and overtaking target vessels.