• autopilot for the rudder control;
  • telegraph;
  • dual rotary bow thruster control;
  • 2 Azipod levers;
  • Electronic Chart Display information (ECDIS) with radar overlay;
  • adjustable camera view;
  • wheelhouse height adjustment;
  • indicators of course, rudder angle, rate of turn and numerous others

Exterior visuals:

Buitenbeeld LARA
  • computer-generated perspective image of the surroundings displayed on seven 52" LCD monitors with full HD resolution;
  • 210° field of view;
  • 2 LCD screens for back view;
  • fog, mist, twilight and night vision.

Instructor's room:

  • operator console to select, develop, start and stop voyages;
  • control of target vessels;
  • set atmospheric conditions and the time of day;
  • opening and closing of bridges and lock gates
  • operation of traffic lights.

Mathematical manoeuvring model:

  • calculation of hydrodynamic forces, shallow water effects, restricted water effects;
  • propulsion;
  • aerodynamic forces;
  • contact forces and interaction with encountering and overtaking target vessels.