Full scale testing inland vessel Elise

In order to validate the mathematical manoeuvring model of a CEMT-class IV inland vessel derived from comprehensive model test series, FHR performed a full scale testing of the inland vessel MT Elise (105 m x 9.5 m x 2.6 m) on the Lys Diversion Canal.

scheepsposities Bocht van Nevele.jpg

The ship positions were measured with high accuracy and the application of rudder and propeller during the passage of the bend of Nevele were registered. In post-processing the bottom profile and water level was analysed in order to take into account the effect of keel clearance and proximity of banks.

Binnenvaartschip Elise

Furthermore during the lock passage at St-Baafs-Vijve the water level variation in the lock was logged at six locations in order to analyse the water level slope during the filling of the lock. The measured water levelslope was compared to the trim angle of the MT Elise in order to validate the numerical calculations of lock filling at FHR and more specificely the longitudinal forces on a ship during this procedure.