Sediment test tank


The sediment test tank is a multipurpose concrete tank which allows research to be conducted on various aspects of silt bottoms. Built with various compartments, the tank allows sludge with different properties to be created and used. The sludge may or may not be applied in several silt layers to mimic the most realistic situation.

It is also possible to test the sludge created against various sludge treatment techniques (water injection, aeration, etc.).

The following research activities can be carried out in this tank:

  • development of new measurement techniques to determine the navigability of sludge;
  • development of new dredging technique(s) by adjusting the sludge structure (water injection, aeration, etc.);
  • calibration and evaluation of measuring instruments in situ;
  • research on consolidation behaviour of treated sludge;
  • research on the connection between the required pump characteristics and rheological characteristics of sludge;
  • research on the generation of density currents.

All these research topics are part of the greater goal of optimising and minimising dredging activities in our ports and rivers.

Sediment Test Tank