Multifunctional test basin


This test basin can be used to conduct research on:multifuntional test basin

  • locks (design of filling and emptying systems and hawser forces);
  • controlled flooding areas with reduced tide (design of inlet and outlet structures and submersible dykes);
  • testing confluences (e.g. the attraction flow of a fish pass at a weir lock complex);
  • etc.


  • length: 19.00 m;
  • width: 9.80 m;
  • height: 1.60 m.

The test basin is divided into two sections:

Tank A: zone available for models of 18.00 m x 4.90 m
This tank can be used as a current flume with a maximum discharge of 400 l/s. Downstream, the water level can be adjusted using a tilting weir (height: 0.56 m). The maximum water level is 1.20 m.

Tank B: zone available for models of 16.5 m x 4.00 m
This basin is mainly used for research on locks. The tank can also be adapted and used as a current flume. The maximum water level is 1.20 m.