Current flumes


The current flume is used to conduct research on topics such as current patterns, head losses, bed-load transport and such in locks, fish passes, flood control areas (FCA), reduced tidal areas (RTA), etc.

Large current flume


  • length: 56.20 m;
  • width: 2.40 m;
  • height: 1.45 m.

The maximum discharge in this channel is 400 l/s and the maximum water depth is 1.30 m. At the downstream end, the water level can be adjusted using a tilting weir.

Small current flume


  • length: 34.80 m;
  • width: 0.56 m;
  • height: 0.76 m.

This flume is fitted with 20 m long glass walls and can be used as an inclined flume by adjusting the movable bottom. It is fitted with a carriage and can be used to calibrate measuring devices.

Current flume - Hydraulic revision of the combined inlet and outlet sluices for inundation areas with controlled reduced tide